“SCIN will be known as an important and precious
Swedish Investment organization,
with a humanitarian message and satisfied

Todays current Projects

Gold-mining, Diamond-mining & “green” Energy production

SCIN reaches out to two very dynamic and variable markets since Greece is in a state of economic crisis, while Guinea is on its way to becoming a democratic country. The advantage for everybody to be noted is that the issues of alternative energy in Greece are handled…..


Unique Innovative FP 250

Powerstation FP250, runs on just 1,5% methane, has <1 ppm emissions

Generating clean energy from greenhouse gas sources such as landfills, digesters, coal mines, oil fields and industrial processes is beyond the capability of existing energy technologies.
Flexenergy’s Powerstation™ FP 250 now fills this gap with its ability…..


High quality biogas

“Waste-to-Energy” for 100% green energy and fossil fuel production

The Waste-to-Energy concept aims to solve the worldwide waste problem of common garbage, waste heat, waste gas etc. by re-entering these as necessary primary raw material into various production processes of 100% green energy and fossil fuel pr…..



Dear Investor and ….future Investor,

I hereby wish to thank you for your interest in SCIN AB and i want to welcome you in having a closer look at our young organization.

In the first years, SCIN AB is mandated to invest only in fixed and known low-risk projects and programs. Investments and activities in new and more risky projects shall be considered in the second stage of the company, when SCIN AB will have become financially independent. SCIN AB’s operations will be conducted with an emphasis on risk diversification, cost awareness, efficiency in operation and clear internal and external communication. SCIN will have highly satisfied shareholders and will be considered:

The skilled and attentive staff of SCIN will respond to expectations of investors.

Transparent and well-defined organisation:
SCIN invests only in clear and concrete programs and activities, thus meeting the expectations and desires of investors by offering clear and concise investment choices.

Stable organisation:
The company’s earnings and dividend growth will follow a rising curve from an early stage.

Already in the first year of SCIN’s activity, the value of each invested SEK in the first and second round of new shares will be multiplied, and, by the second year, the dividends of some profits will commence to be topical.

Humanitarian identity and principles:
Equitable treatment and development for the state and its people with respect for the environment, traditions, the needs and perspectives of local communities are all included in any SCIN investment program……………..more