About us

SCIN is a new Swedish investment company that have been brought to life in order to support known/familiar ongoing projects, aiming thought to reach an financial independence in order to continue a growth in the general venture capital market, as a strong and competitive European organizasion.

SCIN will avail of the benefits a large organization has to offer, with low staff costs and continuous attention to the diligence of the company’s finances. A short analysis shows hat a ”green” investment company with professionalism and good organization benefits from industrial and state investments thanks to European decrees and international agreements on pollution, and promises a very good and safe profit to its shareholders.

SCIN owns today 3% of the African firm SMSD (Societe Multisectorielle De Developpement Sarl), and intends to directly increase its holding up to a minimum of 10%, through low risk strategic investments in the company.

SCIN’s interest is to invest in various low risk future projects that are aiming to generate, absolutely environment friendly, extremely low cost and de-central electricity through EECT’s world innovative, Heron turbine, as well as through a number of electricity generation programs by photovoltaic parks that already are running in the Greek market.

The strategy to be followed by SCIN as to future international development involves finding new powerful, low risk and successful local programs that follow the same line, and correspond perfectly to the mission statement of the company. The programs will have a strong base, they will be consistent with good prospects for large profits, they will quickly produce dividends, they will have a central role in development and a proportional network of associates to help promote them.

SCIN AB will have shares in companies holding license rights and will be acting as a major shareholder with at least one official position in the boards of directors of the respective companies and programs.

Chairman of the Board