The company

SCIN AB ScandInvestor (SCIN) was founded in 2010 in Stockholm Sweden, as an international investment company aiming to invest in known/familiar programs.

Mission statement:
SCIN shall invest in low-risk but high profit mining projects as well as in social and commercial development projects, whose humanitarian and environmental benefits remain as a main and unrevoked purpose.

Human & Environment:
SCIN aims to be part of the solution to the current environmental issues and to influence people’s lifestyles. This is a strong principle fully applicable to the purposes and objectives of the company and holding a leading role in the company’s strategy. At SCIN, we are convinced that business, profit, people and environment are equally important factors to ensure the common long-term success of all!

Investment Areas:
• “Green” electricity production
• Waste processing
• Production of biogas and Biodiesel
• Mining of gold, diamonds and other minerals, petroleum,bauxite, etc.
• Activities regarding the infrastructure of the state
• Activities regarding the networks of the state
• General development projects and activities
• Social programs (training, education, health, etc.)

The company currently consists of the Board and the Director. An advisory committee is created to support the management. The Board will grow in the coming months by 1-2 members with relevant knowledge. The same holds for the company’s Advisory committee. Board approvals for investment projects and their profile design are executed internally.


SCIN AB Scandinvestor, Snickarvägen 3, P.O.Box 2037, 132 02 Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden, Vat nr. SE.556811-1248.01,
BG: 648-2665, IBAN SEK: SE13 6000 0000 0007 2353 1552, IBAN EUR: SE77 6000 0000 0000 4500 1529, BIC: HANDSESS