Todays current Projects

Gold-mines & Diamond-mines

Development programs are commonly referred to Third World or developing countries under different circumstances, other practices, other manners and customs as well as other political regimes. Such projects and businesses often prove to be dependent on local market and country stability.

SCIN reaches out to two very dynamic and variable markets since Greece is in a state of economic crisis, while Guinea is on its way to becoming a democratic country. The advantage for everybody to be noted is that the issues of alternative energy in Greece are handled centrally and free of local politics. The same goes for most development projects and for the mining activities. Guinea has a long and proven history and tradition in proper state handling on issues related to current state-certified and validly signed agreements and granted mining licenses, regardless of who governs the country. Furthermore, the country is a member of the OHADA alliance, which requires it to answer on all commercial and financial matters of the state, to the alliance‘s central organization in Abidjan.

The markets and sectors of interest to SCIN are already in full development and exhibit significant dynamics, requiring fast action and quick placement in the corresponding markets by all participants. Greece has launched a quarterly licensing program and now, after the elections on June 27, 2010, Guinea is a prime target for international corporations.

Greece and Guinea represent very secure profitable projects that require some small investments for quick placement. Projects in this phase are developed gradually. They require substantial short-term investments and provide important and quick results that support the investment and ensure the development and growth of results.
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