High quality biogas

“Waste-to-Energy” concept
The Waste-to-Energy concept aims to solve the worldwide waste problem of common garbage, waste heat, waste gas etc. by re-entering these as necessary primary raw material into various production processes concerning the next decades innovative, independent, flexible and 100% green energy and fossil fuel production.

High quality Biogas:
Unique and innovative adjustments at the well known gasification processes of animal- and various agricultural wastes, introduced by the Dutch company OGIN Biogas Technology B.V & Partners, gives higher efficiency, increased production of higher quality Biogas, demands less effort for higher electrical output.

By investing in a direct cooperation with OGIN Biogas Technology B.V & Partners, SCIN AB aims in relatively short time to be able to fully profit of the development, production, installation and maintenance of these facilities in all markets the company is operating.