Unique Innovative FP 250

The Flex Powerstation™ FP 250, produces 250 kW electricety and runs on the widest range of gas fuels down to as low as 1,5% methane, while delivering emissions that are almost undetectable.

Generating clean energy from greenhouse gas sources such as landfills, digesters, coal mines, oil fields and industrial processes is beyond the capability of existing energy technologies.
Flexenergy’s Powerstation™ FP 250 now fills this gap with its ability to utilize all sources of methane.

The FP 250 is the only solution for Inactive landfills that generate gases discharged freely into the atmosphere, polluting our environment for many decades. The environmental problem beeng caused, has now a unique solution: The Flex Powerstation™ FP 250.

The FP 250, working on low caloric gases, is the only station that converts the problem into efficient and profitable use. It offers the sole holistic solution with no need of fuel conditioning. It does not only produce 250 kW of clean energy from otherwise useless gases, but also relieves the atmosphere of pollutants.