Official start of the Greek WasteEnergy AE (SA)

After six months of market research and necessary preparations, SCIN AB and Partners have finally, officially established the mutual Greek joint venture WasteEnergy AE (SA) in order to exploit the wasteenergy concept in the Balkan area.

WasteEnergy AE is based in Greece and offers the innovative and global applicable tern key OGIN-solutions (high efficiency Biogas installations) and the Flex micro-turbines, (driven either by low-caloric fuel gas or just by hot “waste-air” as result of various production processes) primarily in the Greek, Cyprus and Albanian markets.Complimentarily WasteEnergy AE intends to introduce an independent and transparent investment platform, for any person or organization interested in minor or major investments at independent high profit projects, both constructed and monitored by the joint venture.

Headquarters: Gerakari str. 7, 45 332 Ioannina /Greece
Managing Director: Anastasios Markos
Officially operational: From end of March 2013
Primarily targeted markets: Greece, Cyprus, Albania