The investment of SCIN at this early stage and over a longer period of stability, aims solely to well known and extremely stable activities and programs, with an already from the beginning clear awareness for future production and results.

Electricity production, turnover and profit are from the beginning known information and are only depend on the number of permits and the number of photovoltaic modules used.

Mining activities are on the other hand accordingly dependent on a number of permits and the results may be easily defined and programmed by adjusting the number of operations and production means.

SCIN’s investment projects are expected to have minimal to none consumer awareness even if specific changes occur in such markets.

This means that even at this early stage we can claim that the presented financial growth is based on significantly realistic though modest forecasts.

EU’s and also the world’s directives and attitude, their investment and contributions aiming in energy and development projects, the continually increasing prices of gold and diamonds as well as low production costs suggest only generous annual results and dividends.