The Greek alternative energy production market

Due to these standards, Greece is required to produce 20% of “green” electricity by 2018 through solar-, biogas-, wind-, and waste gas power energy solutions and projects. Grants for these projects reach up to 60% of total investments and in order to speed up the programs’ performance and encourage expansion in this initiative, an additional contribution is the twenty-year contract every project gets with LAGIE (previous DESMIE) (the local distributor of electricity), which is bound during the entire period to buy the electricity produced at a considerably high price. LAGIE’s (previous DESMIE) purchase price for alternative electricity is therefore guaranteed approximately between one to three (1-3) times above the current market price of electricity, depending on the production method. (€ 0.07/kWh for electricity produced from wind, € 0.12/kWh for electricity produced from waste gases,€ 0.20 – € 0.253/kWh for electricity produced from Biogas and € 0.32/kWh for electricity produced from solar panels).

Furthermore, the fact that Greece is adversely affected by the problem of waste management, offers exceptional and unique opportunities for investment projects. SCIN AB & Partners made therefore all necessary preparations in 2012, in order to establish todays joint venture company WasteEnergy AE (SA), being officially operative from Mars 2013.

WasteEnergy AE (SA) offers the following innovative and global applicable solutions:

• The tern key OGIN-solutions (by OGIN, Schachtbau, ACRRESMetaalwerk, Hellebrekers and others), offering the latest innovative and stable high efficiency mainly thermophilic Biogas installations in the market.

• The Flex-solutions, being now presented by the Dutch company EECT-Turbomachinery BV, founder of the HERON-pricipal and official distributor of the FlexEnergy and FlexPowerGreneration micro-turbines. These innovative solutions concern the already commercialized 250kW micro-turbines, (driven either by low-caloric fuel gas or just by hot “waste-air” as result of various production processes), the absolut unique and future prof 250kW PowerStation, (driven by low-caloric fuel gas of just 1,5% of methane) as well as the yet to come PowerTurbine of 2,0MW, which is expected to be introduced in to the market Q2-Q3 2013.