The latest climate changes has led to global-level agreements and rigorous programs regarding the  finding of new solutions for waste management and the recovery and production of alternative energy, in order to reduce environmental pollution and to stimulate the quest for new energy sources. The global position and directions on the matter in general, are getting stricter and stronger by the day, requiring from almost all countries over the world to take responsibility and actions on the subject by encouraging local initiatives of “green” alternative energy production,  with:
• high penalties in order to encourage and promote initiatives reducing both mismanagement and pollution to acceptable levels as soon as possible.
• requirement for a certain percentage of “green” production of alternative state power network
• requirements for new waste management procedures
• various support and subsideries

SCIN AB is partly built for these opportunities and is therefore funding initiatives that will ensure it’s involvement. This investments aim to provide SCIN with a final ownership up to 40% of shares in companies and concepts operating in license rights and electricity production.

SCIN AB, has entrusted the vision for green energy production implementation to WasteEnergy, an effort fully supported  by our international group, network and people  with many years of expertise in the investment and energy sectors.

Mission statement: WasteEnergy will combine and steer innovative and green solutions, processes and concepts in order to actively participate in solving crucial society and environmental waste problems, turning them into smart, profitable and valuable future proof ecological sources of energy.

WasteEnergy’s business activities are concentrated in the Waste-to-Energy sector, providing commercial, construction, maintenance and consulting services. Primary fields of expertise are the setup and management of innovative high efficiency biogas installations and the exploitation of environmentally harmful low-energy gases, waste-gases and waste-heat, in order to produce electricity and thermal energy with almost zero emissions by attending a local problem at the same time.

The “Waste-to-Energy” concept aims to solve the worldwide waste problem of common garbage, waste heat, waste gas etc. by re-entering these as necessary primary raw material into various production processes concerning the next decades innovative, independent, flexible and 100% green energy and fossil fuel production.

In this framework, WasteEnergy has included important direct key-partnerships with EECT-Turbomachinery BV (official representative of the Flex micro-turbines) and with OGIN Biogas Technology BV (joint venture OGINSchachtbau, ACRRES, Metaalwerk, Hellebrekers and others), allowing the company to provide, to install and to serve:

• the cleanest power stations in the market

• the only low caloric gas power station (1,5% methane) in the market

• the latest and stable high efficiency thermophilic Biogas installations in the market.

By investing in a direct partnership with EECT-Turbomachinery BV and with OGIN Biogas Technology BV with Partners, SCIN AB aims in relatively short time to be able to fully profit of the development, production, installation and maintenance of these facilities in all markets of operation.

WasteEnergy and partners main target is to install and service the Flex-, and Ogin technology either through direct sale & maintenance to local parts in both private and public sector, or through the installation, operation and exploitation of the technology for the company’s own and /or participating investors behalf under various types of collaboration.

All, unique future proof innovations allowing the independent of fixed lines, cheap, green, flexible and decentralized production of electricity! ………….Brochures